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  • TRR Engineering College
  • TRR College of Engineering
  • RRS College of Engineering & Technology
  • TRR College of Engineering & Technology
  • TRR College for Pharmacy


     TRR Group 

TRR believes in creating and disseminating knowledge and skills in core and frontier areas through innovative educational programs, research, consulting and publishing, and developing a new cadre of Global professionals with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics and commitment to the code of professional conduct.

TRR Institutions offers high-quality programs in different areas to a wide cross-section of students, executives and professionals across India. TRR has a reputation for innovative program design and delivery, quality courseware, personalized instruction, strong industry interface, and research.
Within the short span of time since it was established, TRR has grown impressively and achieved widespread recognition from industry, academic circles, and professional bodies. TRR has also been consistently ranked among the top in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

 TRR : About Us :
Established in 2004, TRR Institutions is the dream child of an inspired group of eminent intellectuals and industrialists of Andhra Pradesh, India, led by popular Leader Dr T.RamMohan Reddy Ph. D. to set up a world class centre of learning in technology, Management ,I.T. and Health care . The vision of TRR is to become a global leader in professional education. Its mission is to impart futuristic and comprehensive education of global standards with a high sense of discipline and social relevance in a serene and invigorating environment, thereby contributing to the development of India as a Knowledge Society. The successful saga of TRR started with its establishment of College of Engineering. Responding to the expanding needs in the fields of technology, management, TRR College of Pharmacy, Jyothi College of Education, Meghna Institute of Dental Sciences have been added to the ever growing list of TRR Institutions. In these successful years TRR has emerged as one of the most sought-after centers of professional education in the state of Andhra Pradesh. All the efforts of the management have culminated in the prestigious Quality accreditations Like ISO, NBA etc.

 TRR Engineering College
Man's accomplishments in the last century have outshone those of the past few centuries. Such is the current pace of progress that new discoveries and inventions are replacing old ones even as we fathom their full potential. In this light, we must explore new technologies and frontiers just to sustain the accelerated development.


One institution of scientific education that places this future imperative in perspective is TRR Engineering College (TRREC), Patancheru.


TRREC emphasizes innovation and emerging technologies while embedding the classical theories. The mission is to groom mindsets that habitually seek ever-newer scientific applications.

With its new world vision and age-old values. TRREC has all the makings of an engineering college of choice - your choice. One that can make a shining difference to your future.


Situated in a pollution-free ambience at Patancheru, TRREC campus is a refreshing green ambience. Sprawled over 125 acres, it provides the ideal setting for active, uninterrupted and ennui-free academic pursuits.



TRR Engineering College is Accredited by NBA(National Board of Accreditation). TRREC is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Institution approved by AICTE, permitted by Govt. of A.P.

Governing Body

TRR College of Engineering is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)

 Academic Advisory Body

TRR College of Engineering is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)


Computer Labs  

 TRR provides the latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all the students and training needs of computer science and related programs. The Institution is equipped with powerful servers and multiple terminals with multiple operating systems enabling a client-server environment. The students are guided by well experienced faculty to handle the computer labs. Leased internet is available to undertake research activities.


TRR Institutions have a well-stocked library containing reference material, Indian and International books and magazines. TRR subscribes to industry information database to make available large research resources and publications with search facilities to students and faculty. In addition the library contains directories, industry reports and statistical compilations that provide timely and concise information for project works. Library facility is open to all students and faculty members and is continuously updated with latest books and journals under the supervision and advice of the library committee.


   The education methodology at TRR encourages independent thinking and helps the students in developing holistic perspectives, strong domain knowledge, contemporary skill-sets and positive attitudes. The Institution has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach consisting of several stages, designed to add significant value to the learners' understanding in an integrated manner.


A central workshop with various machine tools and equipment including CNC machine supports hands-on training in various areas of workshop practices.Laboratories, such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Instrumentation, provide facilities for the students of all disciplines to    acquire skills for the measurement of various parameters in science and technology.

Biotechnology labs have facilities such as Laminar flow setup, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, AAS Spectrophotometer, HPLC – Gas Chromatography, FTIR Spectrophotometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge and other apparatus with appropriate spaces earmarked for testing, culturing, inoculation, etc.

Electrical & Electronics department has laboratories in the areas of Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Microprocessors, RF & Microwave Engineering, VLSI CAD Lab, Communication Systems, Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices and Circuits etc. The RF & Microwave engineering laboratory is equipped to make measurements of power, frequency, SWR, return loss and insertion loss, etc.

VLSI-CAD lab is a state-of-the art laboratory and is equipped with the latest versions of EDA software tools both in the front end (FPGA advantage and XILinx ISE Foundation series) and the back end (Tanner Tools Pro Complete package).

Students also learn AutoCAD package and Programming on CNC machines as part of the course work. Further, in collaboration with likeminded industries.

TRR likes to set-up research centers and take an active part in research activities that benefit industries.

SAP Training

The institution has tie up with SAP authorized training which help students to match up global standards.


Workshops with various machine tools and equipment, including a CNC machine, allows students to gain hands-on training in various areas of workshop practices.


Information Technology skills are essential for engineers to succeed in today's information technology-intensive environment. All students have access to well-equipped computer labs for doing their coursework in IT. In addition, every student is provided with a laptop computer.


Projects attempt to bridge the gap between the professional world and academic institutions. They help the students to develop practical work skills.


Student performance in each course will be assessed by means of continuous and internal evaluation throughout the semester. Students will be evaluated and grades are given on the basis of assignments, seminars, projects, various tests, quizzes and a final examination conducted every semester.

 Further Education

TRR has official tie-up with many international Universities which facilitates the students to pursue their education without any hassle.


Careers & Placements

The guiding philosophy of the Group is that the education provided by its constituent institutions should be current and relevant to the needs of the employing organizations. In order to give a practical shape to this philosophy, the individual institutes maintain an effective interface with external world of business, industry and the government to continuously monitor their specific needs and to provide value added courses to meet such needs. The interface also extends to exchange of personnel, practical training of students, consulting and sponsored projects and training and management development programs of in service personnel. One of the primary concerns of the faculty is to help industry and business to become globally competitive through application of knowledge to the problems of productivity and organizational effectiveness.
 We have a full fledged Placement department operating from our head office that on a day to day basis interfaces with stalwarts of the industry for arranging guest lectures as well as co-ordinates with various companies for arranging campus interviews. Thus despite a downturn in the industrial segment and a dull job market, we have been able to place most of our students.
 The companies with whom we have a relationship with respect to guest lectures and/or placements are as under. 
Contact Us:-
Admission Helpline
09949722655 (Hyderabad)
09852249077 (Patna)

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